How to change your radial weapon select menu/quick inventory

Quick inventory (Radial weapon select menu) can be very useful if you don’t want to use many binds but still want to play like a pro. Here is a short guide how to edit your quick inventory.

  • Go to Steam -> Library, then right-click “Counter-Strike” and choose Properties
  • Go to Local files -> “Browse local files” then „Csgo” and open “radial_quickinventory.txt
  • Now you can decide which items you want to have in the quick inventory menu. You can check the full list of possible items at the end of this guide.
In the left column there is a name of an item and the right column shows how much space will this item take (in degrees) in the menu. For example RIFLE 51.42855 means that RIFLE will take 51.42855 degrees out of available 360 degrees.
  • When you decide on the final list of item you want in the quick inventory menu it’s time to edit the file. At first you have to write names of all your desired items in the left column. Then you have to divide 360 by the number of these items and write the result in the second column (for each item write the exact result). For example: when you want to have 3 items you will need to put 120 in the right column for each item, if you want to have 9 items, you need to put 40. And now you can save the file, restart the map and play like a pro.

If you want maps to improve skill check this link

List of Items

  • pistol
  • knife
  • rifle
  • utility
  • boosts
  • c4
  • flashbang
  • hegrenade
  • smokegrenade
  • molotov
  • decoygrenade
Full video how to edit your “radial weapon select menu” by BananaGaming

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