Best training maps

If you want to improve your skill in csgo, edit your config or change crosshair check this maps :

  1. Aim botz (improving aim)
  2. Csgo jumps (improving movement)
  3. Fast Aim / Reflex Training (improving aim and reflex)
  4. Recoil Master – Spray Training (improving spray/recoil control)
  5. Shortcuts (list of maps for improving movement)
  6. Training Center 1.5c (improving aim)
  7. Training_aim_csgo2 (improving aim)
  8. Warmup and Training (list of maps so you can improve all skill types)
  9. Crosshair Generator v2 (changing your crosshair)
  10. All Yprac maps (nades, aim, movment and prefire)
  11. Config map (editing your config)

This numbers are not qualifying how much a map is important. ALL maps are important if you want become batter player. Go and train 😉

Check my new guide about quick menu

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